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Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi 130

Georgian National Museum presents exhibition “Velerian Sidamon-Eristavi 130“at Sighnaghi Museum.
Valerian Sidamon-Eristavi is one of the most distinguished figures of the XX century’s Georgian painting. His role is important in film painting and in theatre painting school creation.
His works include theater and cinema painting, as well as the iconography; he had created copies of medieval frescos; decorated museum expositions and parades; had created illustrations for various manuals, working on newspaper caricatures and furniture sketches.
His creative works were defined by the ideological requirements in the Soviet Georgian, but he was trying to express modernity with sarcastic irony. The artist created views of urban areas, village landscapes, portraits, Nius and pictures on historical subjects.
Unfortunately, like many other artists in Soviet Union, V. Sidamon Eristavi was also considered as the Georgian imitator of Russian school. During the exhibitions of his work, they chose the most academic and typical works, which contributed the superficial understanding and forgiveness of his inheritance.
On the exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the artist, will be showcasing Sidamon-Eristavi‘s famous and less known paintings and graphic works, theatrical sketches, cartoon and caricatures. Visitors will also see the archive shots from the following movies, illustrated by the artist: “My Grandmother“ (1929. Directed by Kote Mikaberidze), “Light“ (1922. Directed by K. Andronikashvili), “Gogi Ratiani“ (1927. Directed by Kote Marjanishvili). In the movie “Gogi Ratiani“, along with scenography, characters are also interesting, where Titsian Tabidze and Dimitri Shevardnadze are participating. In one of the episodes Sidamon-Eristavi himself plays himself as a painting teacher. The exhibition along with movie shots includes theatre painting’s video collage.
We are grateful for cooperation and the right to use the material:
Georgian State Museum of Theater, Music, Cinema and Choreography
Shota Rustaveli Drama Theater Museum
Kote Marjanishvili State Academic Drama Theater Museum
Tbilisi Opera and Ballet State Theater Museum
National Archives of Georgia
“Baia“ Gallery
JSC “Georgian Film“
Exhibition Opening
: July 17 | 2019 | 15:00
Exhibition Duration: July 17 – August 31 | 2019
Venue: Sighnaghi Museum, 8, Shota Rustaveli Blind-alley, Sighnaghi, Georgia

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