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Bolnisi-german culture (Katharinenfeld)
Cultural sights
Kvemo Kartli
  • Kvemo Kartli (“kwemo“ - the lower one) is historically one of the most important regions of Georgia. This is a region whose artifacts give a clearer outline of the European identity of Georgians. This is an area where a century ago two independent cultures, Georgian and German, merging with each other, have survived to this day. The land where every monument, church, monastery, every carving is the response of a rich Georgian culture.


Why should you travel with us?

  • In order to open a new culture, to make a journey into the past and to feel the charm of assimilation of cultures, to imagine clearly the reality in which the Germans built their culture on a foreign land with reverence, caressing every stone as a native one, and this particular spirit is still clearly felt in Bolnisi.

Important information

  • Bolnisi Zion (Sioni) is the oldest temple of the V century, which is located in the village of Bolnisi and is an important monument of Georgian architecture, since it was Bolnisi Zion that preserved for us the oldest inscription on the alphabet “asomtavruli“ and the Bolnisi Cross.
  • The Peter and Paul Church, which became for Bolnisi the most important event of the immediate past, as another religious center was added to already existing churches and temples. Rising to the skies, a magnificent temple like a pearl adorns Mount Elias, where Kvemo Kartli is entirely visible like on the palm of the hand, filling visitors with indelible impressions.
  • The Bolnisi Museum of Local History is a place where the past of this city is carefully represented. The museum stores all literary, creative or working materials, with which the Germans created a unique culture in the place of Bolnisi and left as an example to the Georgian people.
  • Bolnisi is a city that for a century has been a place of residence for Germans in the neighborhood with Georgians. Escaped from adversity, the Germans settled on the flavoured territory of Bolnisi, founded the commune Katharinenfeld, where everything was created with great work and love, as evidenced by the almost extant homes, huge wine cellars and water mills.


Schedule of the tour

  • Meeting place
  • Departure to Bolnisi
  • Bolnisi Zion
  • Lunch
  • Peter and Paul Church
  • Bolnisi Museum of Local History
  • German Culture – Katharinenfeld
  • Dinner
  • Return to Tbilisi
  • End of the tour

The tour includes

  • Planning - Coordination - Tour implementation
  • Transportation on a comfortable minibus
  • Shooting group photos
  • Two meals a day
  • English-speaking / Russian-speaking guide services


Additional Information

  • Distance covered by transport - one way 76 km
  • Duration of the trip - in one direction 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Period of the tour - all year round
  • Necessary equipment - comfortable shoes, glasses, means for protection from the sun, personal first aid kit (if there is a need for special medicines), it is necessary for women to have a skirt and a headscarf with them.


Keep in mind!

In the case of force majeure (landslides, avalanches, floods, etc.), we act in accordance with the safety standards that will be dictated by authorized state institutions. Also, we have the right to make changes to the tour. If these changes are unacceptable for you, you will receive 80% of the amount paid.



a) In case of notification of cancellation of the reservation at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the tour, only 80% of the canceled tour price will be returned to the tourist.

b) In case of notification of cancellation of the reservation at least 4 days before the start of the tour, only 50% of the cost of the canceled tour will be returned to the tourist.

c) In case of notification of cancellation of the reservation at least 2 days before the start of the tour, only 20% of the cost of the canceled tour will be returned to the tourist.

d) In case of notification of cancellation of the reservation 48 hours prior to the beginning of the tour, the cost of the tour will not be refunded to the tourist.

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