TripPlanner - Traveling in Kakheti (part 1)

Traveling in Kakheti (part 1)

5 August, 2018

You should never trust statistics. It would seem that Georgia is a small country. By its size, it occupies 118 (out of 193 possible) place in the world and stands between Ireland and Sri Lanka. But in practice, it turns out that this country is immense! Do not be a visionary to guarantee: for one trip you will not see even half of all the treasures of Georgia.

In addition, “small“ Georgia is not a single monolith, wherein the south or east of the country there will be approximately the same thing. Georgia is 9 completely different regions and 2 autonomous republics. Even dialects of languages are very different. So much so that, for example, a resident of Tbilisi does not always understand the native of Samegrelo. In a word, once you arrive, you will have to come back again and again!

Where to begin? Of course, with Kakheti. After all, the first thing we remember about when we hear “Georgia“ is wine! By the way, it‘s really great! And Kakheti is the cradle of Georgian winemaking. Here are located the best vineyards of the country, the most famous wineries, and wine factories. And anyone in Georgia will tell you that in Kakheti they make the most delicious barbeque in Georgia!

But back to the wine. It is impossible to tell about each winery, on this subject it is necessary to write a whole book. And in several volumes. All the names here are celebrities: Kidzmarauli Marani, Gurjaani 1929, Graneli, Chateau-Zeghaani and many others. Most importantly, everywhere are guided tours and tastings.

Separately it is worth mentioning one of the biggest and most famous - the winery company “Khareba“. However, this is not a company, it‘s a whole empire! 750 hectares of vineyards and a network of branded stores across the country. By the way, Khareba owns lands not only in Kakheti but also in other regions of the country. And they own a famous wine tunnel (or Kvareli tunnel) - a huge underground warehouse, 770 meters long, which today operates as a full-fledged tourist site, with excursions, tastings, a corporate store and other buns.

In this variety, do not miss the first winery in Georgia in Tsinandali and the house museum of Alexander Chavchavadze. Perhaps his name does not tell you anything but believe me, you have heard of this family since the school day. Daughter of Alexander Chavchavadze Nina was the wife of Alexander Griboyedov, the author of “Woe from Wit“. About their strong love and tragic destiny knows, perhaps, every schoolchild. So, be sure to check in Tsinandali. Here time seemed to stop, here still the beginning of the XIX century reigns. The interiors, the park, even the factory itself - all store the spirit of that long-gone, but some painfully beautiful era, an era of romanticism.

Historical sites in Kakheti are also enough. But about this in the next series ;).

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