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2 July, 2019

Guria is the smallest region of Georgia, there are no significant sights or important sites of historical value in Guria, but meanwhile, vacationers from many parts of the world strive to travel here every year. The “culprits” for this are three famous resorts: Ureki and its well-known unique healing black sands; Bakhmaro resort with its mountain climate, where pulmonary diseases have been treated successfully for a long time; and Nabeglavi, mineral springs of which are not inferior, and sometimes even superior in their properties, to the famous Borjomi. To sum up, Guria is a real healing land, where people with any health problems can be treated.

Let’s take for example Ureki. Black sand beaches can be found in different parts of the world, but still, you will not find anywhere else a black sand beach similar to Ureki. Scientists claim that the sand in Ureki is magnetized by 70%. This is very helpful for humans and very dangerous for mobile phones and other equipment. True, the same scientists claim that in order for a person to get a noticeable result from magnetic sand, one must dig into it and lie so for at least an hour. But for the phone to start to fail, it is enough just to fall into the sand. In short, while relaxing in Ureki, it‘s better not to take telephones with you to the beach. By the way, the water in the sea is clean here, but because of the black sand, it looks a bit unclear. The beach is surrounded by a strip of pine forest, and therefore the air in Ureki is especially clean and fresh.

What does Ureki represent from itself as a resort? In terms of infrastructure, Ureki is, of course, far from the cities and towns of Adjara. Because of the sand and the smooth entrance to the sea, Ureki is most often chosen by families with children, and therefore there are practically no youth parties here. Much of the entertainment is seasonal and closes by September. However, progress does not stand still, every year Ureki is improving, the city builds an embankment, equips parks ... So the future of this place looks very bright. By the way, very close, just in a couple of kilometres from Ureki there is a large amusement park, and behind it is the famous Black Sea Arena, where world-famous stars like Elton John, Scorpions, Christina Aguilera and others perform with pleasure.

In the mountain resorts of Guria, the situation with infrastructure is worse than in Ureki. Nowadays in Nabeglavi, there are no hotels or pensions, and it is only interesting for independent travellers. Although there are several hotels in Bakhmaro, the resort can also be surprising among the travellers who love to spend holidays in civilized places. The reason is that people here do not live all year round, and the buildings are mostly seasonal. But this does not mean that the resort is empty. In July and August, there is nowhere for the apple to fall, and most likely you will not find a place to sleep for a couple of days. It is better to bring a tent. The reason for such a busy local residential sector is that many Georgian families send children to Bakhmaro for holidays. Indeed, despite the altitude of more than 2000 meters, the air is marine, and there is no heat at all. How it happened, that there is sea air in the mountains? The fact is that there are no other high peaks from the sea that would prevent air masses of the sea coast from penetrating here. And in clear weather stunning views of the Black Sea coast open before the vacationers of Bakhmaro. Very beautiful! And every year in the 20th of August there is a grand fair and famous race where people come from all regions of Georgia. This is a real ethnic holiday! It is definitely worth it to visit Bakmaro. But be careful, it is very likely that you will want to come here again and again.

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