TripPlanner - Winemaking (Part 2)

Winemaking (Part 2)

15 July, 2019


Wine tasting has long become an integral part of Georgian tourism. Whatever direction and type of recreation you choose, you will be offered to try remarkable Georgian wine.

It might seem surprising, but in fact, grapes are not grown in every part of Georgia. Only some regions are suitable for winegrowing, and according to dry statistics, 60% of Georgian vineyards grow in Kakheti. Famous Alazani Valley, protected from the winds by the mountains of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and washed by full-flowing rivers, has become an ideal place for growing grapes since ancient times. One of the most famous varieties of wine - “Saperavi“ is grown in this region. By the way, “Saperavi” is translated from Georgian as “dyer”. And indeed it is. The juice of this grape is not transparent and has a rich red colour. Dry wines “Mukuzani”, “Saperavi” and “Napareuli”, semi-dry “Alaverdi” and “Pirosmani”, and semi-sweet “Kindzmarauli” and “Akhasheni” are made from it. By the way, in Kakheti, unlike other regions of Georgia, it is not customary to mix different varieties of grapes. An exception to this rule is the famous white wine Tsinandali, which is made from the two most popular varieties for making white wines - Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane. Bottled wine “Gurjaani“ is made in an exactly similar way.

In total, about 500 grape varieties are grown in Georgia. In western Georgia, in regions such as Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi, Megrelia, other varieties of wine are preferred - Aleksandrouli, Tsilikouri, etc. The famous Khvanchkara wine leads its history from the village of the same name, located in the region of Racha-Lechkhumi, and Megrelia is considered the birthplace of no less famous Ojaleshi wine. To sum, Kakheti is, of co And of course, one of the main holidays of the year in Georgia is associated with the harvest of grapes. It is called “Rtveli“ and passes, as a rule, at the end of September. At this time, a large number of guests and tourists come to Georgia, because it is simply impossible to miss such a sight. These days many wineries and wine factories especially expose traditional tub-shaped tanks “satsnakheli“, made from a whole tree trunk. Every visitor at this time can feel like an ancient wine-maker and take part in squeezing the grape juice in ancient way - with feet. All the process is accompanied by perky music and traditional dancing.

But do not think that only large wineries and wine factories are engaged in winemaking in Georgia. Every family here keeps its own special unique wine recipe and is pleased to invite guests to for wine tasting. Feel free to try, because such wines are unique!

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